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Logic will get you
from A to B.
Imagination will
take you anywhere.

Albert Einstein

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The RCP Story

Roy CoxAfter 5 years of producing educational programs for PBS, I put aside my 16mm camera and entered the world of corporate video (although 16mm still comes in handy when I want that “grainy" look!). 25 years later, I’ve learned a lot about telling stories, creating beautiful images, and listening carefully to my clients. Brian and I formed the RCP Producing / Directing team in Brian Pratt1990. We soon became the best of friends, and developed a working style that complemented our individual skills. Brian makes sure I have the support to do my job as creative director, and I make sure Brian has the support to keep the production running like a top. Along the way, we’ve established long-term relationships with some of the Bay Area’s most innovative companies and talented production people.

What We Do, Exactly

We are filmmakers. And we’ve specialized in two very different areas.

In the corporate world, filmmaking is about simplifying complex ideas and making them memorable. It’s about making sure everyone behind the camera is doing their best to make the people in front of the camera look their best. It’s about giving our iPadclients exactly what they were hoping for, and then... giving them more.

In the documentary world, filmmaking is about exploring. It’s learning about people, discovering new places and ideas. It’s about trusting your instincts and letting the stories tell themselves. Documentaries remind us that our lives are complex, tragic, funny and magnificent.

Where have we been?

The 9 years between the introduction of the iPod and the iPad transformed Apple into one of the most successful and respected companies in the world. It also changed how people think about and use technology forever. We are extremely proud to have been a part of Apple’s video production team throughout this historic period, and we are looking forward to the next adventure.

Nepalese woman

In 2011 we had the great honor of producing Olga’s Promise, a fundraising film for the Nepal Youth Foundation. This film showcases the work of Olga Murray, who for the past 20 years, has been fighting for the rights of women and children in Nepal. NYF has saved thousands of lives, and there are Urmilahundreds of inspiring stories left to tell. Making this film was truly a labor of love, so with much enthusiasm we are currently planning to return.

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